Magnolia Trail Community

The purpose of this document is to ensure can answer these questions accurately and that we are doing so in a consistent manner.

  1. What is the Magnolia Trail Community?

The Magnolia Trail Community is a group of people who are working together to promote the development of a trail for walkers and bicyclists to connect Magnolia to the Elliot Bay Marina. We have received a $25,000 matching grant to do a feasibility study that will examine environmental, regulatory and other issues that would need to be addressed,

  1. Where exactly would the proposed trail be located?

The trail would begin at the west end of Elliott Bay Marina and run across 150 yards of wooded land connecting to West Galer Street by secret beach.

  1. Who currently owns the land where you would like to see the trail built?

The proposed trail would cross Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Seattle Park’s (Parks) land.

  1. Why is this trail needed?

Although there is currently a rough “social” trail that is in common use, this proposed trail would provide easier and safer for residents of all ages and abilities to access Smith Cove Park , the marina waterfront and Myrtle Edwards Park allowing for a convenient route to downtown for walkers and bicyclists.

  1. How will it benefit the community?

This trail will encourage more people to walk and bike. That will reducing car traffic, encourage healthful habits and encourage more interaction among members of the community.

  1. Won’t it cause more homeless people to come into Magnolia?

There is currently a problem with homeless people living in the area close to the proposed trail. There have also been reports of crime, drugs and prostitution in the area. We hope to work with the community and the city to try to address some of these problems. But we believe greater use of the trail by pedestrians and bicyclists will discourage illegal activity.

  1. What about parking?The goal is to encourage people to use the trail by bike or on foot. We hope to work with the community and the city in an effort to find a way to make sure local residents have access to adequate parking. concerns or issues that come up. We envision working with SDOT to ensure residents along 32nd Avenue West and West Galer have the parking they need.

We believe a well maintained and trafficked trail will actually help reduce crime in this area. We are in the process of gathering more data on this, but we think the trail may actually help reduce crime problems in this area.

  1. What is the process for creating a trail?

We are in the process of finding a contractor to do the feasibility study. That contractor will hold a public meeting in April to get input from the public. That public input will be taken into account as the feasibility study is developed. The contractor will have a second public meeting in the fall to discuss the results of the study.

  1. When will construction take place?

If the study determines that a trail is feasible, we would seek funds to design the trail and, later, construct the trail. At that time determination will have to be made on a wide range of issues including lighting, maintenance and accessibility.

  1. How can I help?We have a large and growing community of supporters. There are about 10 active members on the steering committee and we have a wider network of volunteers and supporters. For keep up with developments on the Magnolia Trail Project, we encourage you to “like” our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/magnoliatrailcommunity)