Magnolia Trail Update March 2017

Please come out to the Magnolia Library to participate in a budgeting process. Your vote will count in determining what project will be chosen to receive money from the City of Seattle. The meeting is at the Magnolia Library on Saturday March 25th from 1-3 p.m. Our trail will provide a safe route for children and their parents to walk or bicycle to Smith Cove Park for picnics or soccer and to city trails beyond. It will encourage more people to leave their cars behind and walk or bicycle to the waterfront around the marina and beyond. This trail will be particularly helpful in reducing the traffic that will inevitably result when Expedia moves into the Amgen campus with its 4,500 employees.

The Magnolia Trail Community

A Walk to Support Magnolia Trail

John Reardon of Feet First, a nonprofit organized to promote walking in Seattle, is leading a walk this Sunday, July 31 at 9:00 AM starting at Magnolia Park. The walk is to help publicize the Magnolia Trail Community’s efforts to develop a more direct trail from Magnolia Village to downtown. The walk will start at Magnolia Park, go down 32nd Ave W. And through the Magnolia Trail site on its way to the Olympic Sculpture Park.  The round trip is about seven miles.  Everyone is welcome to participate. The walk is free and no prior sign-up is necessary. The walk will help build awareness, support and community around our efforts to develop trails in Magnolia. Your walk time will count as matching volunteer hours. These are hours the Magnolia Trail Community needs to fulfill the requirements for our matching grant from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods. That matching grand will be used to do survey and environmental work required to push the Magnolia Trail forward.

Welcome to Magnolia Trail Newsletter!


Welcome to our Magnolia Trail Newsletter! Our website will be launching soon at Your email was gathered by our committee at one of our the public meetings and we have entered your information to our database to receive alert notification and our newsletter about

Please spread the word out to our community about our upcoming website which will provide information and the progress of this project. If you have any feedback, suggestions, concerns please go to the public comments link at the bottom of the webpage and submit it to the committee members. All submitted feedback will be sent to our committee members and they will respond back to you as soon as they can.

We also included the video of the last public meeting on our website of the progress of our project and the next steps we are planning at the beginning of next year.

We appreciate your commitment to this project and being involved in our community.

Thank you,

Magnolia Trail Committee Members.